Monday, 26 June 2017

720 No Limits

First viewed : Summer  1985

This  was  another  Jonathan  King  effort, a  sort  of  British  counterpart  to  Entertainment  USA. The  show  would  come  from a  different  town  each  week  and  its  young  presenters  would  anchor  what  was  almost  a  tourist  information  film  about  the  place, interspersed  with  music  videos  featuring, surprise  surprise, American  AOR  hits. King  advertised  for  new  presenting  talent  in  his  column  for  The  Sun  but  after  the  changeover  at  the  end  of  season  one  he  got  fed  up  of  this  and  so  Jenny  Powell and  Tony  Baker  ( above ) remained  in  place  for  the  rest  of  the  series.

The  programme  was  unceremoniously  dumped  in  1988  when  Janet  Street-Porter  took  over  as  Head  of  Youth  Programming  and  axed  both  of  King's  shows   as  one  of  her  first  priorities. Powell  dusted  herself  down  and  her  presenting  career  is  still  ongoing  but  Baker  has  disappeared.

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  1. Last time I saw Baker was on the I Love 1985 edition which talked about this very show. He just went back to his day job after No Limits wrapped and Powell expressed regret that he didn't pursue his presenting further because she believed he was the more talented one. I also remember a lot of critical voices from the celeb talking heads on that edition that rightly pointed out how naff the music was. They had been expecting some kind of local, 'here'd what's hot in....' kind of programme, visiting the local scene etc, but ended up stuck with videos of Huey Lewis and the News! Famous of course for that irritating and now highly dated pause, rewind, play, pause, rewind play technique which the programme would drop at alarming frequency and its casio keyboard simple theme tune