Tuesday, 20 June 2017

715 OMD Live At Sheffield City Hall

First  viewed : 23  July  1985

This  was  a  one-off  special  by  the  ORS  85  crew  interspersing  concert  footage  from  a  date  on  the  Crush  tour  with  a  mini-documentary  presented  by  Peter  Powell  who  was,  to  be  fair, a  long  time  fan  of  the  band. This  included  a  brief  contribution  from  Tony  Wilson  and  a  short  interview  with  the  guys  themselves.

The  concert  was  fairly  enjoyable  although  the  sound  was  a  bit  murky  and  Andy  McCluskey's  vocals  were  always  a  bit  wayward  even  in  the  studio, The  other  comment  to  make  is   that  this  wasn't  the  best  time  to  catch  OMD. The  Crush  LP  was  patchy and  the  one  before  that,  Junk  Culture , was  a  dog  so  you  got  crap  like  White  Trash    and  Crush  rubbing  shoulders  with  the  classics - Messages, Enola  Gay,  Maid  of  Orleans  and  so  on.

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  1. I guess it captured them at a strange point when they weren't hip in the UK anymore, but just before they were (for a short time) superstars over in America...