Wednesday, 21 June 2017

716 Film Buff of the Year

First  viewed : 23  July 1985

I  can  only  remember  watching  this  once  and  I  can  pin  it  down  to  the  same  evening  as  the  OMD  concert  which  makes  sense.

Film  Buff  of  the  Year  was  a  cross  between  Mastermind  and   Screen  Test  chaired  by  the  dry-as-a-bone  Robin  Ray. There  were  specialist  rounds  but  they  were  assigned   in  advance  not  chosen ;  my  personal  nightmare   would  have  been  Jerry  Lewis. The  episode  I  watched  had  a  guy  answering  questions  about  Clint  Eastwood. I  remember  one  of  the  questions  was  name  a  film  in  which  Clint  Eastwood  dies . The  Beguiled   must  have  been  one  but  I'm  a  bit  stumped  for  the  others. High  Plains  Drifter  would  be  a  tricky  one  to  call.

The  series  ran   from  1982  to  1986.

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  1. Clint does seem to have a very high "survival rate" in his films. He gets bounced off in one his more recent roles but in his roles prior to 1984, he seems to make the credits intact in the vast majority: I guess "Escape from Alcatraz" is somewhat ambiguous.