Saturday, 10 June 2017

706 Racing

First  viewed  : April  1985

This  is  an  equivalent post  to  the  one  about  cricket  the  previous  year, something  I  was  watching  to  ward  off  holiday  boredom. To  make  it  more  interesting,  I  popped  out  to  the  bookies  and  put  a  small  bet  on  a  horse  called  Temple  Rise. In  a  photo-finish  it  was  declared  joint  winner. Thankfully,  I  didn't  develop  the  habit.


  1. My mother's family were pretty much all mad-keen on the nags (my granddad was studying the form guide in the back of the Mirror while dying in hospital), though I took more after the other side of this family, loathing the idea of losing money too much to risk it.

    This had the result of spending all of my brother's stag trip at York races bored out of my skull in the bar, waiting for the point it would be polite enough to take my leave without offending anyone.

  2. In different contexts , I've been in that sort of situation many times so I entirely sympathise.