Wednesday, 22 March 2017

638 Just Good Friends

First  viewed : 22  September  1983

I'm  not  going  to  spend  too  long  on  this  one  because  I  only  watched  the  pilot  episode  and  decided  it  wasn't  for  me. It  was  a  John  Sullivan  effort,  prompted  by  a  rebuke  from  actress  Cheryl  Hall  ( who'd  been  in   the  first  two seasons  of  his   Citizen  Smith  )   that  he  didn't  write  good  parts  for  women. Just  Good  Friends  therefore   featured  an  independent  woman   Penny  Warrender  ( Jan  Francis, now  in  her  mid-thirties  and  looking  rather  plain  although  the  haircut  didn't  help ) who  bumps  into  the  man  who  jilted  her  at  the  altar years  before , the  slightly  seedy  Vince  ( mid-seventies  pop  star  and  film  actor Paul  Nicholas ) . She's  willing  to  take  him  back  but  on  her  own  terms   and  their  on-off  romance  played  out  over  three  seasons.

I  simply  didn't  find  the  first  episode  funny  enough  though  I  accept  that  millions  disagreed  and  made  this  a  big  hit .

Sullivan  put  the  series  to  bed  with  the  two  getting  wed  in  a  Christmas  Day  special  in  1986. However,  after  the  success  of  Just  Good  Friends,  Sullivan  began  to  weave  romantic  threads  into  the  storylines  of  his  other  big  TV  hit  which  we'll  be  discussing  before  too  long.  

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  1. I'm surprised this originally ran from 83-86, as it seemed to be on a lot after those years. It's success must have made it an easy repeat option.

    I seem to remember my dad not taking it all seriously on the basis he thought Paul Nicholas was a bit of a plank. He enjoyed getting a cheap laugh from saying he looked like the Brighton/Watford winger Neil Smillie and that both were crap at their respective roles.