Friday, 10 March 2017

628 Video Video

First  viewed : 3  September  1983

This  was  TV's  first  show  to  explicitly  cover  the  burgeoning  market  in  VHS  cassettes. How  quaint  that  now  sounds; I  literally  can't  give  away   a  dozen  or  so  that  I've  got   in  the  cupboard. I  feel  very  sorry  for  people  that  have  substantial  collections.

Video  Video   was  broadcast  on  Channel  4  early  on  Saturday  evenings   and  like  Film ... consisted  of  reviews  and  film  reports. It's  only  memorable  for  presenter  Adam  Faith's  struggles  - with  the. - autocue  but  then  uselessness  was  always  part  of  his  charm.

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  1. I've probably got about 40 VHS tapes in my cupboard. Anybody who wants Man United's "The Road to Wembley" video from 1990, let me know!

    I imagine we'll be saying the same about DVD/Blu Ray in 30 years time...