Wednesday, 1 March 2017

619 Royal Premiere : Superman III

First  viewed  :  18  July  1983

Here's  a  reminder  of  what  one  of  the  big  films  of  the  summer  was, the  third  Superman  film  starring  Christopher  Reeve. Here  he  was  up  against  Robert  Vaughan  rather  than  Gene  Hackman   with  sidekicks  computer  hacker  Richard  Pryor  and  busty  femme  fatale  Pamela  Stephenson.

The  programme  consisted  of  Peter  Marshall  and  Susan  King  ( neither  of  whom  ring  any  bells  ) hovering  around  the  ABC  cinema  in  London  and  buttonholing  celebrities , whether  connected  to  the  film  or  not, as  they  arrived  at  the  building. This  of  course  was  interspersed  with  clips  of  the  movie.

It  didn't  inspire  me  to  go  and  watch  it  and  I  still  haven't  seen  it.


  1. Talking as something of a comic books geek, the film is nothing special bar the interesting sequence where a red-Kryptonite affected Superman battles his Clark Kent conscience in a junkyard. Otherwise, it was a pretty weak vehicle for Pryor.

  2. Funnily enough, that's exactly the impression I got from the publicity at the time.