Friday, 5 May 2017

673 Tube Special

First  viewed  :  22  June  1984

Jill  Sinclair  used  her  clout  once  more  to   get  Channel  4  to  cover  the  unveiling  of  the  video  for  Frankie  Goes  To  Hollywood's  new  event  single  Two  Tribes   as  a  Tube  Special  at  midnight. The  video, directed  by  Godley  &  Creme, centred  on  a  brawl  between  supposed  lookalikes  of  the  geriatric  leaders  of  the  two  super-powers  thus  giving  a  strange  immortality  to  the  otherwise  completely  forgotten  last  representative  of  the  old  Soviet  guard,  Konstantin  Chernenko.  It  was  moderately  entertaining  but , like  the  record  it  was  promoting,  hardly  worth  all  the  hype. Ironically, the  song  itself  was  actually  inspired  by  the  film  Mad  Max  2  and  the  Cold  War  re-interpretation  was  entirely  the  work  of  Paul  Morley.

For  good  measure,  the  programme  also  broadcast  the  unexpurgated  video  for  Relax  and  I  recall  a  house  mate  called  John  Tuck  pointing  out  the  suggestion  of  bestiality with  the  tiger  which  would  otherwise  have  escaped  me.

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  1. I always chuckled at a line in the Commitments concerning the main character's judgement in music: "you were the first to own the Frankie Goes to Hollywood album, and the first to realise they were shite". Never quite understood the fuss about them, musically, in some quarters.