Saturday, 6 August 2016

459 Cowboys

First  viewed  :  September  1980

I  may  only  have  seen  one  episode  of  this  shortlived  sitcom  about  an  incompetent  building  team.

Roy  Kinnear  played  Mr  Jones  the  nervy  owner  who  "maintained"  a  skeleton  crew  of  cynical  plumber  Richard  Geyser  ( Colin  Welland )  , drunken  Irish  painter  Wobbly  Ron  ( David  Kelly )  and  thick  as  two  short  planks  driver  Eric  ( James  Wardroper )  who  could  all  be  relied  upon  to  leave  a  property  in  a  worse  state  than  when  they  started. In  the  first  series  Jones's  secretary  was  played  by  ubiquitous  busty  blonde  Debbie  Linden; in  the  second,  they  went  to  the  opposite  extreme  and  her  replacement   was  played  by  Janine  Duvitski.

Besides  playing  on  middle  class  nightmares  of  botch  jobs  the  series'  premise  gave  plenty  of  opportunities  for  Some  Mothers  Do  Ave  Em  - style  slapstick  which  weren't  missed. A  house  fell  down  rather  impressively  in  the  first  episode. Colin  Welland  got  most  of  the  best  lines.

The  episode  I  remember  is  the  second  one  "Perks"  where  the  lads  are  helping  themselves  to  things  from  a  hotel  they're  renovating  such  as  the  copper  wiring. Ron  gets  startled  while  on  the  roof  and  ends  up  hanging  from  the  guttering. Eric  tells  him  to  lift  himself  up  then  chides  him  for  not  moving. Ron's  reply  is  "Neither  would  you  with  half  a  ton  of  lead  in  your  pockets !"

There  were  two  seasons  comprising  thirteen  episodes  in  total. Kinnear, Welland  and  Kelly  all  moved  on  but  the  series  was  the  end  of  the  line  for  Wardroper  as  an  actor. Ironically  he  became  a  painter  and  moved  to  France. He  does  have  the  consolation  that  he  and  Duvitski  are  the  only  surviving  members  of  the  cast.

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