Monday, 28 March 2016

364 Omnibus

First  viewed  :  12  October  1978

This  is  another  one  to  get  the  Play  For  Today  treatment  with  individual  programmes  in  the  strand  being  added  to  the  post  as  we  come  to  them. Omnibus  was   the  Beeb's  long-running  arts  documentary  series, broadcast  from  1967  to  2003.

The  Record  Machine

The  first  one  I  remember  watching  was  an  examination  of  the  pop  music  business  featuring  players  like  John  Peel  and  Mickie  Most. The  only part  I  really  recall  was  footage  of  a  Radio  One  playlist  meeting  with  Dave  Lee  Travis  commenting  that  a  record  sounded  "very  Marshall  Hain" , a  comment  that  could  only  have  been  made  in  the  latter  half  of  1978.

David  Puttnam  ( 19  December  1982 )

At  this  point , Barry  Norman  was  the  regular  host  of  the  programme  and  this  edition  was  given  over  to  a  profile  of  Chariots  of  Fire  producer  David  Puttnam. The  only  bit  I  remember  is  the  account  of  his  difficulties  with  star  Dustin  Hoffman  when  making  the  film  Agatha.

Luck  &  Flaw's  Illustrated  Guide  To  Caricature  ( 26  July  1985 )

As  Spitting  Image  was  still  riding  high  in  the  ratings, its  creators  got  to  present  a  potted  history  of  caricature  going  back  to  the  eighteenth  century  cartoonist  James  Gillray. Steve  Nallon  was  on  had  to  present  Thatcher's  supposed  views  on  the  subject  as  well  as  contemporary  masters  like  Steve  Bell  and  Gerard  Scarfe.

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  1. Had to look up who Marshall Hain were. Listened to the song and thought "sounds like the kind of safe pap DLT would go for" and five minutes later, I've totally forgotten how the song went...