Monday, 13 February 2017

606 The Blue and the Grey

First  viewed  : 16  May  1983

I  only  watched  a  small  part  of   this  three  part  miniseries  about  the  American  Civil  War, concentrating  on  two  families  on  opposite  sides  in  the  conflict. I  don't  think  I  saw  any of  Gregory  Peck  as  Abraham  Lincoln. The  part  I  do  recall  is  the  one  where  a  pregnant  wife  rushes  her  blockade  runner  husband  to  hospital  in  Vicksburg. She  gives  birth , introduces  him  to  his  son  then  just  as  she  leaves  his  ward  it's  hit  by  a  shell  killing  him   and  all  the  other  patients  which  gives  you  a  flavour  of  the  melodrama. The  husband  was  played  by  a  young  Gregg  Henry  (  Mel  Gibson's   treacherous  accomplice  in  Payback ).  


  1. Never seen this, but I salute the reference to "Payback": even though it was a lift of "Point Blank", I still thought it a pretty good watch, with Gibson on good form as the anti-hero.

  2. Yes, a film that bears repeated viewing although I never understand why Carter's so reckless with his own life when he 's impressed by Porter and can easily reimburse him from the savings due to the deaths of Resnick and his other sidekicks.

    1. Good point... I suppose a certain degree of arrogance in feeling untouchable due to his position? Presumably he also thought Porter was bluffing with the threat on his life, as surely nobody would be crazy enough to take on the Outfit.