Saturday, 7 May 2016

393 B. J. and the Bear

First  viewed : Uncertain

I  never  watched  this  one  very  regularly. It  was  a  light  comedy / adventure  series  about  an unencumbered  trucker  roaming  the  highways  in  his  massive  vehicle   in  the  company  of  a chimp  called  Bear  who  didn't  talk  but  knew  how  to  make  himself  scarce  when  B  J  wanted to  unload  his  rig  with  a  procession  of  nubile  young  co-stars. The  series  unashamedly  rode  on the  coat-tails  of  the   big  trucking  pictures , most  obviously  Every  Which  Way  But  Loose, but otherwise  it  followed  the  usual  pattern  of  a lone  wolf  outsider  sorting  out  a  local  bad  guy. BJ's  most  regular  adversary  was  played  by  Murray  Hamilton  from   Jaws.

BJ  was  played  by  likable  Greg  Evigan . Many  of  the  female  characters  were  truckers  themselves  giving  the  series  some  thin  cover  from  the  accusations  of  rampant  sexism.

The  only  scene  I  really  remember  and  I  can't  pinpoint  the  episode  , is  a  bomb  scare  at  the  country  club  and  a  young  blonde  lady  in  a  dripping  bikini  running  round  telling  everyone  to  get  out. I  can't  think  why  that's  stayed  in  my  mind.

It  lasted  for  three  series.

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  1. There's a fun little conversation about this between Richard Herring and Mark Gatiss on Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP) over on YouTube. Gatiss provided the voice of Greg Evigan for Lee and Herring sketches in the late 90s that ripped the piss out of cheap US Public Service Broadcasting.